Transaction accelerator
With this service, you can speed up the transaction. If your transaction hangs and is not confirmed for a long time, you can add it to the queue for processing, so that the miner picks up and confirms your transaction faster.
Queues of Bitcoin transactions in the network
When a lot of transactions are sent to the Bitcoin network, a queue is created. To process the queue is growing a Commission on the transaction. In order to solve this problem, a transaction relay for the Bitcoin network was created.
How it works?
Our node is connected to other nodes. You only need to specify the transaction ID (TXID), and then confirm the button. Your transaction will go to our bitcoin node and from there to other Bitcoin nodes. The probability of a quick transaction confirmation on the Bitcoin network is multiplied.
About the service
There is no registration and authorization. We also do not collect any data because we believe in anonymity. The service can also be supported by a donation to Bitcoin.
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